About Us

We are Global Sourcing and Trading company limited (GTSCL) and we are here to make sure you get the best in the world right to your door step when it comes to globally sourced products . With our global presence we source materials / services from across the world directly from the manufacturer or company to your door step . GSTCL is a global network of sourcing offices & trade platform ,with a mission to identify , qualify and secure from the best products , services and suppliers around the world- who meet the strict cost, delivery and quality requirements of our clients . The GSTCL offices and online platform act as liaisons in low cost , accompanying the clients through each step of the process , from initial contact to commercial and technological follow up shipping clearance and delivery at your place . In line with the fundamental values of GSTCL, transparency , professionalism and pragmatism , our purchasing expertise is applied simultaneous to both our clients and suppliers .


We operate currently from Mainland china , Hongkong , Singapore , Dubai , Texas , New jersey , California , Thailand , Taiwan , India , Indonesia ,Kuwait and we are expanding our network across the globe. We have a resource or t or partner in any part of the world right at your service .


Come join us and make the network and business expandable across the globe!



Our Story 

GSTCL an idea which is evolved from the need of local business  who needs multi national products  which made us develop a multi geographical  agency who supports people and business.
In 2016 GSTCL started the First international office in Foshan -Guangdong province of  Mainland china as foshan global sourcing and trading co ltd from a small business center with one chinese speaking staff  . In early 2017 we started the first american warehouse and store in Texas houston with a large warehousing facility .
By mid of 2017 we managed lots of business and containers from multi geography and started another office in New Jersey on bergenfield area  as Global sourcing and trading Ltd
In mid of 2017 GSTCL tied up with one of the famous  trading organization in Kuwait with business of ministry of civil aviation kuwait .
In the first months of 2018 GSTCL started another office in dubai for  catering the middle east trade purpose
by mid of 2018 GSTCL  eneterde Canada in  ontario state with an office in brumpton of canada.
The biggest change of the organization is yet to be updated as we signed a contract with one of the emerging software company for the online platform which will be one of the first B2P2C  Platform where human interface will work between the sourcing platform and the consumers or business . Our partners will work from across the world to source deliver the worlds best product at best economics to their door step .
In 2018 GSTCL started the service industry to the product sector by getting  tied up with Acmon one of the pioneers in mechanical engineering services company from  Greece .
In 2018 we will start the Hongkong office which we are awaiting the government’s approval which will become our financial & shipping capital for the world .