The Woodoox are manufactured under the following standards:
EN 13489 – Engineered parquet.
EN 13226 – Solid T/G parquet
EN 14.342 +A1 – Solid and Engineered parquet
ENV 13696 – Solid and Engineered finished parquet
ISO 1518 .- Solid and Engineered finished parquet
ISO 2409 – Solid and Engineered finished parquet

Fitting instructions for solid and engineered parquet

Woodooc  WoodFloors installation should be the last step of any construction site.

Tools to be used
Moisture meter for concrete and Wood, electric saw, hand saw, hammer, knife, square, tape, chalk line, chalk, eye protection and dust mask.

Verification of the floor 
It is essential to check the subfloor before fitting. In order to ensure that any concrete subfloor is sufficiently dry, the fitting should not take place until at least 60 days after the screed has been poured. The subfloor must be tested, to check for moisture in compliance with the European norm. The humidity of the floor screed (using the unit Gann HT85T / MB35 or similar) must lie between 2.0 and 2.5%.
At the time of application, the worksite must already be closed with doors and windows properly secured ensuring a stable environment for the application of the wood.
Begin the installation of the floor shortly after opening the package, having stored the product on site 48 hours prior to installation, to ensure that the product is acclimatised correctly. The room temperature should be at 18-22 ºC and a relative humidity of 40 – 60%.

Application site 
The application site should be maintained at a constant temperature of about 18-22 ºC and a relative humidity of 40-60%. If there is excessive heat in the room, the humidity level may be so low as to cause the flooring to shrink. The wood is a natural product, so, the boards can contract, causing small gaps in the joints of the wood. Use a humidifier to minimize this risk.
Woodoox WoodFloors are designed for use in interior floors that are not exposed to excessive moisture.
Do not use in exterior locations and saunas. Check with the manufacturer so that additional recommendations can be provided.

Application site with heated and cooling subfloors.
Before installation of Woodoox woodfloors, there are 2 important steps in the floor preparation process.
First of all, the heating system can be only be used after at least 6-7 weeks of the cement screed application.
Then the temperature should be set for 20º C / 68ºF, and increased 5º in each of the following 6 days until reaching 45º (113ºF).
This temperature shall be maintained at this level for 3-4 days depending on the thickness of the floor. After this period, the temperature should be lowered also 5º C per day, until 20ºC.
After this period, the moisture content of the floor must be measured in order to decide if it is dried enough to receive the wooden floor (check Verification of the floor).


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