Quality Control


Quality control is defined as that facet of logistics management which pertains to sets of activities and techniques that are intended to assess the quality of products at various stages of the production process, all the way to the point right before distribution.

The quality assessment will be based on predetermined requirements or standards previously set by the company. In the context of performing quality control before shipping, any product or unit of product that does not meet the minimum standards will have to be reworked, disposed, or dealt with accordingly by the company, instead of being shipped to the end user.

Unfortunately, for many businesses, quality control is often overlooked, resulting to returns, damaged products, losses, and customer dissatisfaction. In the long run, all these bode ill for the business as a whole. Another sad reality is that businesses intentionally omit performing quality control or, even when they do, they do it haphazardly, in favor of speedy shipment.

Our services will help the company do strict  quality control to make sure the rite product at rite quantity & quality will ship to the destination .

(a) Self-Certification: Under this system, a manufacturing unit certifies its own products and issues exporters: certificate for export. This facility is extended to the exporters:

Having good reputation and goodwill in the market;

Fulfilling stringent norms prescribed for product quality, design and peg a development, raw materials and bought out components;

Having quality control laboratory, process Control, meteorological control and independent quality audit facility.

(b) In-Process Quality Control (IPQC): Under this system, stage by stage inspection of products like chemicals and engineering goods is done during the process of production. The inspection includes:

Raw materials and bought out components control,

Process Control,

Product control,

Packing and packaging control.

(c) Consignment-wise Inspection Under this system, each individual consignment is subject to compulsory inspection by the GSTCL

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