About Us

We are Global Sourcing and Trading company limited (GSTCL) and we are here to make sure you get the best in the world right to your door step when it comes to globally sourced products . With our global presence we source materials from across the world directly from the manufactures to your door step . GSTCL is a global network of sourcing offices ,with a mission to identify , qualify and secure from the best suppliers around the world- Suppliers that meet the strcit cost, delivery and quality requirements of our clients . The GSTCL offices act as liaisons in low cost , accompanying the clients through each step of the process , from initial contact to commercial and technological follow up . In line with the fundamental values of GSTCL, transparency , professionalism and pragmatism , our purchasing expertise is applied simultaneous to both our clients and suppliers We operate currently from Mainland china , Hongkong , Singapore , Dubai , Texas , New jersey , California , Thailand , Taiwan , India , Indonesia ,Kuwait and we are expanding our network acorss the globe. Come join us make the network and business expandable