May 25, 2018



Artifical Plants & trees


School/ college furniture

We import worlds best school college furniture from worlds best manufactures

Acrylic sheets

Yearlong Acrylic Products : Taiwan

Year Long Industrial Co.,Ltd.was founded by J.S Chen in 1972. Since then, we have held our beliefs in providing high quality products,ensuring customer’s satifaction and on time delivery. We have also developed business association and network around the world. We believe that regardless of the economical situation in the future, our work force will continue […]


Quality Control

(a) Self-Certification: Under this system, a manufacturing unit certifies its own products and issues exporters: certificate for export. This facility is extended to the exporters: Having good reputation and goodwill in the market; Fulfilling stringent norms prescribed for product quality, design and peg a development, raw materials and bought out components; Having quality control laboratory, process Control, […]


Shipping services from across the world to their doorstep. We’re constantly finding new ways to do more for our customers, delivering advantages like these (to name just a few): Time-definite delivery you can count on: We back  international shipments with a money-back guarantee. It applies even if we miss our quoted delivery time by just […]

Food Tips


Green Vegetable Are Good For Breakfast


Best Oat Tips For Weight Loss

Wafer cake sweet roll cheesecake ice cream gingerbread sweet. Wafer gingerbread apple pie cotton candy jelly. Toffee oat cake oat cake toffee tootsie roll muffin sugar plum.

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